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Johnty Lawton

Sales Manager - Cape Town

Johnty became an invaluable member of the PureGroup SA Management Team in April 2021. With industry experience since ’007 , he's recognized as a true mover and shaker, constantly pushing boundaries with his innovative ideas.

Johnty plays a pivotal role in our organization, driving regional sales with great determination. Additionally, he spearheads the national development of our Print portfolio, ensuring that our offerings remain at the cutting edge. Furthermore, Johnty skillfully manages communications with major funders, ensuring strong partnerships and support.

With his wealth of experience and dedication, Johnty is a driving force behind our continued growth and success. His vision and leadership have cemented PureGroup SA's position as a leader in the industry.

Join us in celebrating Johnty's impactful contributions and experience the results of his innovative approach firsthand. At PureGroup SA, we are proud to have Johnty as a key member of our team, driving us towards greater achievements and excellence.

Johnty Lawton
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