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Andre Pieterse

Sales Manager - Johannesburg

Meet Andre: Our Experienced Sales Consultant

Introducing Andre, our Sales Consultant at PureGroup SA since July 2022. With 7 years of industry experience, Andre's positive work ethic and dedication to new business and exceptional customer service have elevated him to lead our thriving JHB branch.

A Journey of Excellence:

Joining us in 2022, Andre immediately stood out for his strong work ethic and commitment to the industry. His dedication to understanding the market and delivering top-notch customer service was evident from day one.

Andre's Rise to Leadership:

Andre's consistent performance and ability to connect with customers led to rapid advancement within our organization. He now leads our JHB branch, a testament to his leadership abilities and market knowledge.

Leading the JHB Branch:

Under Andre's guidance, our JHB branch has achieved significant success. His innovative strategies and ability to motivate his team have driven substantial growth. His leadership fosters a collaborative and empowering work environment.

Passion for New Business and Customer Service:

Andre's true passion lies in new business development and exceeding customer expectations. His dedication has solidified our reputation as a trusted industry brand.

Andre's journey from Sales Consultant to branch leader reflects the opportunities for growth at PureGroup SA. With 7 years of experience and unwavering commitment, he continues to drive our success. We anticipate even greater achievements from Andre in the future, as he leads us to new heights.

Andre Pieterse
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