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The perfect mail, security, and storage bundle for your business


LinExchange from PureGroup is a highly reliable, scalable and secure operating system. LinExchange Enterprise Server takes care of your mail environment, data storage, security, and collaboration requirements- all in a single, secure solution. Designed to power your business critical applications, web service and network. LinExchange delivers a range of innovative managed IT services, by well established team of highly-skilled engineers.

LinExchange Structure

Don't worry about having to fix or manage any applications or service.

  • Stable, fully managed, on-site Linux mail server with 24/7/365 support
  • Data storage, legal compliance and full disaster recovery included
  • Network security and virus protection
  • Shared contact, tasks and time sheets
  • Integrated with mobile devices
  • No upfront costs or annual licence fees

It's reliable, fully customised and perfect for your business.


PureGroup offers 24/7/365 monitoring and software maintenance for LinExchange, as well as on-going monthly SLA support.

These are the detail sheets of the new services offered.

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LinExchange from Pure Group is a highly reliable, scalable and secure server Operating System. LinExchange Enterprise Server takes care of your mail environment, data storage, security and collaboration requirements – all in a single, secure solution. Designed to power your business critical applications, web services and network. LinExchange delivers a range of innovative managed IT services, supported by a well established team of highly-skilled engineers.

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MailActive from Pure Group is a complete messaging platform for your business. Email is mission-critical to both service delivery and employee productivity, and in today’s environment your business requires rich and efcient access to email, calendars, attachments and contacts from a range of locations and devices. MailActive delivers a messaging system that addresses these needs.

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Firewall7 from Pure Group sits between your network and the internet, and is designed to protect assets and ensure that no private information goes out of your network and no malicious content comes in. Firewall7 blocks unauthorised access while permitting sanctioned communications, and can be congured to permit or deny computer-based applications using a custom rules-set. Firewall7 provides a single default gateway to the internet for your local network and it supports ADSL, satellite, wireless and leased–line connections. All forms of internet communication, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, POP, and IMAP, are supported.

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Designed to function as a suite, Sync7 and DiskMirror7 offer comprehensive data protection and data recovery services. Your business’s most valuable asset is its data, and unplanned events such as hard disk failures, viruses, operator mistakes, natural disasters or hardware theft can put your data and your business at risk. Regardless of the size of your business, a disaster recovery plan needs to be in place before disaster strikes. Sync7 and DiskMirror7 from Pure Group ensure rapid recovery and secure offsite storage of your data. Should your servers suffer a complete failure or any other disaster, Sync7 and DiskMirror7 makes sure that your business is up and running in no time.

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Complimentary to all of Pure Group’s server offerings Workstation7 ensures high levels of proactive and reactive support for a multitude of users’ devices and workstations including Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Macs, Tablets and even Smartphones. Properly congured workstations directly result in reduced downtime and higher levels of productivity. Immediate remote troubleshooting and assistance is also just a phone call away.

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DataShield7 from Pure Group is a le sharing server that enables you to store business critical documents and information centrally and securely. Designed with collaboration in mind, DataShield7 allows users to work together on documents on the le server and access them from wherever they are. There’s no longer a risk of users losing information when a device gets lost or stolen and your business data can now be accurately monitored and controlled. DataShield7 is also the perfect product to sit alongside any cloud-based services or applications, such as Hosted Exchange or hosted ERP solution.

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Archive7 is a comprehensive archiving service that integrates with your current onsite and offsite backup procedures. Archive7 ensures that your company has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to avoid any instances of short-term data loss, and provide 24/7/365 access to historical data. Data redundancy is a fundamental element of any data strategy and Archive7 creates multiple snapshots of your servers.

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