Hosted Switchboard

It’s a cloud-based phone system.

Scalable and affordable, the hosted switchboard or cloud-based solutions for SMEs, multibranch organisations and corporates, can be tailor-made to suit the size and pocket of your business.

Companies can port their numbers simply, also add new extensions, and move their offices, simply reconnect it at a different point, in the office or at home – wherever there is connectivity, the system will automatically detect the handset and route your calls, you can even divert calls to an employees’ cell phones.

Deploy features as and when required, the advanced functionality and a user friendly system – your business will operate and sound like a professional multinational enterprise with features such as:

  • Virtual receptionist – “press 1 for sales”
  • Voice mail
  • Call queues
  • Music on-hold &
  • Call logging

These are a few effective ways to improve your business communication and personalise your business requirements.

Software updates are done remotely – Your system will constantly update and never be out dated.

No need for unnecessary and expensive service call-outs.

Furthermore, calls made from one office handsets to another are completely FREE, even if they’re kilometers apart!

This may sounds very futuristic, and you’re probably wondering why you should opt for something this advanced, simply because it will streamline your business communications.

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