Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

To sign up with PureVoice, contact us on 086 999 0911 or email info@puregroupsa.com, and we will recommend the best possible communication solution for your business.

Do I get to keep my business telephone number?

Yes! PureVoice will simply arrange porting of your business telephone number; our helpful trained staff will even do it for you.

What is per second billing?

Many operators claim “per second billing” however, this is not always the case, if a call last 10second; some operators will charge a 30 second call. PureVoice, would only charge for those 10sec on the call.

Why should I use PureVoice hosted switchboard?

The Cloud based solution may sounds very futuristic, and you’re probably wondering why you need something this advanced, simply because it will streamline your business communications.

Where is my switchboard? – Remote service?

Your switchboard with us, “In the Cloud”. We can update your system easily, and make the changes you require within minutes. This saves you on unnecessary call outs charges.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, technology which enables you to make and receive calls through the internet. Voice is sent as data, through the internet, and transferred on the other end.

Using a cloud-based switchboard with PureVoice, who can I call?

Anyone and everyone! Be it a local call or an international call, perhaps you want to catch up with a friend on their cell, we route your calls at the best possible rates with impeccable up-time.

What network do you use?

PureVoice does not make use of just ONE network! We utilise several major networks, which means you get the best rates and impeccable up-time, including pure per second billing.

What is ViBE technology?

This vital technology compresses voice, which enables better quality, as well as a greater number of concurrent calls to be made on a single network connection.

What date does my contract start from?

Your contract starts from the date in which we install your equipment for you. This can be within 4-8 weeks of signing up.

Who is my first point of contact?

You will be allocated an account director. They will contact you and arrange any necessary documentation, in order to arrange installation, porting and any other queries.

What is the turnaround time on technical queries?

Turnaround time is anything between 5 minutes - 24hrs depending on the severity of the query. We don’t always have to be on site to resolve a problem. Maintenance can be done remotely by an engineer, saving you an unnecessary call out charges.

Can I change my Debit Order date?

Yes, to change your debit order date, contact our accounts department on 086 999 0911.

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