About Us

About Us

Hosted Switchboard & Fixed Line Yealink Phones Provider 

PureVoice is a licensed fixed line telephone provider in South Africa and has been in operation within the telecommunication industry for several years. It effectively provides services to small medium enterprises, multi branch & corporate organisations. 

Our primary product, the hosted switchboard, is scalable to any size organisation and contains dozens of unique features to help improve and grow your business. For example, the “Follow-Me” app enables your smartphone to become a moving extension (Your work calls will find you!). 

PureVoice utilises several major networks which means that you get the best rates and impeccable up-time, including pure per second billing, helping your business successfully control its telephony expenditure. 

By choosing PureVoice as your fixed line provider, you will NOT lose your current business number. We can simply port your number, a process which is managed completely by our trained and helpful staff.

PureVoice endeavours to provide each of its clients with options on the fastest and most advanced internet connections currently available in South Africa, such as fibre, LTE, wireless and more. 

Imagine downloading at 100MBps (translated – that’s the equivalent of a full length hi-def. movie in just under 10 minutes!).

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